Sunday, 2 June 2013

Buy LED LCD TV on the Internet and Co.

Those who ordered a LCD or LED or Plasma TV on the Internet, saves a lot of money usually. However, from which dealer you can buy such expensive equipment in good conscience? Survive the television transportation? And who gives a guarantee against failures?

The online trading runs the electronics stores rapidly from the rank - for some good reasons. There are no arguments that speak against the device ordered online. On the contrary, the offers are usually much cheaper, the goods will be delivered right away and you can always find a dealer with inventory. It would permit the purchase in the store that you can get an idea on the spot about the quality differences. This buying guide gives popular tricks to see through the dubious sellers. But for flat panel TVs it is nearly impossible as you do not know about which image they have put on their site or which size they have actually set actually - so the image in the store is to impress you, while the local TV program looks fuzzy and blurring. It could be nice way for a seller who wants to get rid of stock, after a bad investment is programmed. You can always know about the quality of the TV sets through extensive testing, as it provides Audio Video checks.


  • A dealer should be chosen with prices compared to at least 40 reviews and four stars out of five. If you want to play it safe, only select stores with more than 500 reviews and five stars out of five.
  • Goods should be there or marked as immediately available at short notice.
  • Your personal information in the payment should be sent encrypted. This is indicated by the letters "https" in the address bar of the Internet browser.

Safe transport
An experienced dealer knows how to deliver the goods to the customer safely. Plasma TV, for example, may only be transported upright. If you are not satisfied with the device, you are presented with an online order on the safe side: there is a statutory 14-day return too. You will get your money back if you are not fully satisfied - unless the device has the return traces to. Then the dealer may retain a small percentage of the price. Basically, the dealer must also bear all the shipping costs. The customer pays the shipping costs only if the product is worth less than 40 euros. A small snag in connection with the transport is also the only downside of the Internet purchase: You must be in the delivery of a large-scale machine at home. For professionals, this may mean having to take time off. Note: For many distributors, the normal shipping costs for delivery includes only shipping it to your house's main door. Ask if required by phone to see how expensive is a delivery to the living room. Buying Guide: Your right on the Internet, Guarantee Handling at fault . Guarantee is a voluntary additional service of the manufacturer (in rare cases also offer traders a separate guarantee on). The warranty conditions of the manufacturer puts himself states about the validity or settlement. For TVs, they have to send a service technician to your house in case the TV get corrupted or it starts working abnormally. The warranty period is usually two years.